s Kurumatur Aryavaidyasala & Nursing Home


We would like to introduce ourselves as an "Ayurvedic Hospital with High Success rate organization" involved in providing Ayurvedic, Yoga, Naturopathy and Physiotherapy services attached to Hospital. We also manufacture Medicines at our factory.

We have established Ayurvedic Hospital and Consulting centers in Karimbam, Taliparamba and Kannur since 25 years. WE offer Ayurvedic treatment, herbal body massage, Naturopathy, Yoga and Physiotherapy as part of the treatment.

The Kurumathur Arya Vaidya Sala, located at Karimbam, Taliparamba was established in 1994, with the aim of using the ancient healing art of Ayurveda to cure and prevent common ailments. The Hospital has got both in-patients as well as out-patient consultancy services to cater to the needs of both local as well as foreign patients.

Here at KAVS, we offer all facilities a patient require for a speedy recovery. The Specialist Consultants at the Hospital are all highly qualified Ayurveda Physicians from reputed Ayurveda Universities. We have got well trained and experienced Nursing Staff who makes our patients feel at home. The Panchakarma Therapy & Rejuvenation Therapy are done by our specially trained and skilled personals under the strict supervision of our Physicians.

Most of the medicines & oils used in our treatments are manufactured by our own manufacturing division which has got the GMP Certification issued by the Government of Kerala following the guidelines of WHO. Added to that, we have a fully equipped Laboratory to enforce effective Quality Control And off late keeping in mind the convenience of patients from far off places Kurumathur Arya Vaidya Sala has started Out-Patient consulting centre at Kannur, which is the head quarter of the district and has got access to many places through Road and Rail. One more centre has started functioning at Taliparamba Town.


Make every individual understand the laws of nature and introduce the laws of nature in one self to maintain perfect health.

Make the treatment accessible to every individual at the most reasonable price. Provide the Yogic knowledge which is most essential considering the amenities available presently which makes life artificial rather than natural.

Make the treatment more enjoyable by providing friendly atmosphere and also merging the treatment with touristic activities keeping the nature as the media.

Highlight the merits of this system such as achievements of lasting cures and freedom from side effects.


Dr.Anthru P P , BAMS, D.Acu

Practice Locations : Kurumathur, Kannur, Taliparamba

Dr.Jayaprakash BAMS
(Senior Medical Officer - Govt. Rtd.)

Practice Locations : Kurumathur, Kannur, Taliparamba

Dr.Shirin Kanjirampokkil BAMS

Practice Locations : Kurumathur, Kannur, Taliparamba


Near Sir Syed College, P.O Karimbam,
Kannur Dt. Kerala-670142
Ph: 04602202900
Mob: 8921519269
Mob: 9447342534
E-mail: kurumathuravh@gmail.com